About Me

Many people don’t believe in fate, what better explanation can one give other than share their experiences. For more than 50 years I have worked as a photographer my life begun with a present a camera, a 33mm Leica. Being a professional to me meant putting in the hard work and fulfilling your end of the contract despite all the difficulties and the challenges.

My professional life begun working as a freelance photographer taking a variety of pictures for newspapers, magazines and designers. My best moments was the day I worked for a film company providing consultation on specific theme guiding the camera crew on lighting and angle shots I guess the best feeling I had was seeing a project come together piece by piece forming a story.

Being a photographer hasn’t always been a walk in the park. There are moments where you face criticism and even face danger and there are those moment where you lose an expensive equipment and struggle to get it back. But nothing beats the adrenaline that comes with experiencing a one of a kind moment and being able to capture that moment.

In life everything happens for a reason, we meet different people every day but work with a select group, Like Tobby Smith of Standard Media Jerry McKee of The Plain Eye who always go an extra mile to get what is unique while bringing out the best out of the worst situation. Salute to this two champs and my wife Meg and family.