Sure-fire Wedding Photography Tips You Just Have to Know

Wedding Photography Tips

If you are getting ready to photograph at a wedding, then check out this tips to make sure you are adequately prepared to capture the memories of this beautiful day.

With the following wedding photography tips, you can be sure to take pictures that the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests will truly adore.

If you are looking for tips to apply for your wedding, then these tips will equally help you know what to expect and do to ensure that your big day is captured in its best.

1. Get to Know the Couple is important wedding photography tips

Every wedding couple is different. You know them including their personalities, interests, tastes, and preferences will enable you to deliver photography services that they will appreciate.

It will also allow you to know the type of photos they want. Some may be in for a formal photo-shoot, some may wish to have a more candid one while other would rather have a mixture of informal and formal shoot for their wedding.

This is why it is essential to know them well enough before the big day so that you don’t miss out on anything.

2. Know What the Couple Wants

As a photographer, you need to be aware of what the bride and groom want. The best way to do this is to hold a meeting before the big day to discuss all the nitty-gritty. During this time, you should ensure that you take note of all the things the couple want including specific shots, angles, and all the people as well as moments that they want to be captured for their album.

3. Prepare in Advance

This kind of photo-shoot requires adequate preparation. Otherwise, things might not work out as planned. Therefore, you should ensure that you have everything ready at least a few days before the D-day.

This includes making sure that you have inspected the locations and that you know the shortest routes to these areas. Also, you might want to find out who you are supposed to meet, where and when. You might even want to prepare spares for the camera, batteries, lenses, and storage media in case any of these becomes faulty or breaks down.

4. Get the family photos right

The family photo is always crucial in a wedding photo-shoot. As such, you have to ensure that you get it right and that you capture all the family members.

For this, you might want to collaborate with one reliable family member who will help gather and organize everyone for the family photo-shoot.

5. Practice Photographing Under Different Lighting Conditions

Wedding ceremonies are unpredictable. Some tend to stretch out through the day pushing the photo-shoot until late in the evening. When such happens, you have to be well prepared to take the perfect pictures regardless of the time, lighting and related conditions.

There are several resources online where you can get evening photography tips. You might want to look through these to get tips that will help you pull through such a situation.

6. Capture the Unique Moments

A wedding is such a big deal for the couple getting married, their friends, guests, and family. Because it is such a big event in people’s lives, it often happens that some small unique details are incorporated in the wedding that as photographers you wouldn’t know anything about unless the couple fills you in prior or on the wedding day.

For example, the groom may sing a romantic song for the bride, the mother of the groom may hand down a sentimental ring to the bride, etc. These are some of the few details that your clients would love to have documented as these hold a very sentimental value to them.

Therefore, I’d advise you always to let them tell you every single detail about the wedding that is relevant to your field.

7. Always be Confident

Of the many wedding photography tips, you will read or be told, being confident is a crucial tip that you should take note of. This is because confidence helps you not to be nervous or shy as these can make you miss fantastic shots.

Mastering confidence when photographing will help keep you calm during the shoot. It will help you hold the camera still and not shake it as this can tamper with the quality of your shots. And although you might be using a top quality professional camera, it is still possible for your photos to be blurry if you are nervous and you are shaking when taking shots.

We all know how special wedding days are. As such, you should ensure that as the photographer in charge, you are well prepared. These 7 wedding photography tips should help you prepare well and get ready to take impressive shots that the will adore and treasure throughout their married life.

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