How To Take Good Family Photos

Thanksgiving Tips : How To Take Good Family Photos

All right everybody Jeffry Scales here to share some tips for taking a photo when thanksgiving. So I hope everyone has a wonderful time with their families and I hope you all slowly slide into a food coma of some sort and eat a lot of good food and also take good pictures of your family.

Because I notice every year that a lot of people struggle with the same thing, and that is how do we get good family photos at Thanksgiving or even Christmas in you know all these holiday get-togethers. Before we go through the tips lets discussing first.

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

All over the world begins with knowing more and more Thanksgiving. However, it is not celebrated in Europe. We know it from the many American (Christmas) films. But what is the meaning of Thanksgiving now anyway? Thanksgiving is a feast day celebrated in the United States and Canada.

At the first, the feast day will be on the 4th Thursday of November, at the second on the second Monday of October. In general, Thanksgiving has the meaning to thank for the harvest of the past year.

That is why other countries in the world also know similar feasts, harvest festivals. The gratitude for the food, just before the winter begins, is after all for centuries an essential ritual of mankind — especially of course when food supplies could only count on the fields of the village or the town.

The weather conditions had then still a much more significant role. It is only since globalization with its import and export of products all over the world that we have forgotten this ritual. But earlier a failed harvest meant tough times for a peasant family or village.

Thanksgiving gives people the opportunity to stop a little and remember to be thankful and appreciate what they have. In our hectic everyday life, it may be that

Thanksgiving seems to be becoming more and more popular, not only in the United States but also elsewhere in the world. We need to meet, socialize and enjoy each other’s company. We need togetherness. We also benefit from looking inward, and not just focusing on what we lack.

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Now let us discuss the tips. How do we get a good picture because every family typically has that one crazy person that runs around with a camera and tries to photograph everyone while they’re eating? And you know just that person I’m that person in my family I like to take pictures.

I typically don’t take all my you know my big camera stuff to the family events unless a lot of people ask me too sometimes, but I’m not that guy. But I do like pictures. So I’d make this video because I see over and over the same mistake being made by a lot of people and all these get-togethers. So I thought I would kind of give you guys a couple of alternatives on how you can use your current camera for improving these Thanksgiving or Christmas or holiday photos.

Tips How To Take Good Family Photos

1) Plan the family photo

It’s not always easy to get all the family members on a picture. A determining factor is planning. Make sure to preview what kind of photo you want to create and try to announce it far in advance so that everyone is present and prepared. Choose a date that everyone can be present to capture on the sensitive plate.

2) Choose a good location

Make sure there is enough space to get all attendees in the picture. As a photographer, you also have to pay attention to the surroundings and make sure that there are no uninvited guests on the photo or that nothing silly happened in the background of the photograph.

3) Consider the light

Light is a significant factor. The most beautiful pictures are made with the correct alignment of the light. Do not take photos against the sun, but with the sunlight.

4) Long rear, small front

You can’t stress it enough, if you’re making a classic group photo, make sure the longest people are at the back, so no one has to stand on his or her toes and come out just above a shoulder.

5) 1, 2, 3, CHEESEEE!!

Counting helps. It’s not fun if you’re the only one in the picture with your eyes closed. So Help the family with counting and speaking when the photo is taken. This can be at the Tel of 3 or at “Cheese!” On the other hand, you can also surprise them with some spontaneous pictures, without noticing that they also take pictures before and after the photo moment (for example on the Tel of 1 or 4).

You can find this video too for detail information :

How To Take Food & Kitchen Photography

How To Take Food & Kitchen Photography

Anyone who goes to a restaurant knows that chefs can present their food beautifully and have a beautiful kitchen. Maybe you also make a meal that is beautiful enough to photograph? We give you six food and kitchen photography tips.

Tips for Professional Food & Kitchen Photography

1. Use Soft Light

Natural light works very well for photographing food and kitchen interior. Do not, however, shoot in the harsh light of the sun. In the neighborhood of a window (without direct sunlight) works against it fine. Also, a spot outside in the shade can work very well.

You can also get started in the studio, but in any case, do not use a direct flashlight. Make the light softer with a softbox or by reflecting it through a large white surface. The use of a light tent can also offer an excellent solution to get nice soft light.

If the light is too hard or too clear from one direction, use a reflection screen to brighten up the dark side. If you do not have a reflective screen then a piece of polystyrene will also suffice.

Unless you are in a restaurant and take a picture between meals, it is also smart to use your tripod with ballhead like BZ217T Ballhead. When you work with natural light indoors, the shutter speed can quickly become a problem. By working with a tripod, you do not have to divert to higher light sensitivity (ISO).

2. Go Closer

When it’s really about the food or kitchen tools itself, make sure you take the picture up close. Possibly even with a macro lens. By getting closer to your subject, it is easier to take a good photo, because you take distracting things out of the picture. Only what matters is then still visible.

When you sit closer to the food and kitchen tools, the texture will be much more visible in your photo. The details in the food also become more explicit. Often the cook has made the necessary effort for this, so you want to record that too.

3. Use Depth of Field

When you are close to your subject, it is easier to blur the background. A blurry background is a great way to make your subject stand out. So make use of this small depth of field.

Beware of too small a depth of field that can also be disturbing. In most cases, you want to have your subject entirely focused on the photo. A tripod can again be useful if, due to the tremendous depth of field (for example at aperture f / 11), you get too slow a shutter speed to get an unmoved picture out of hand.

4. Pay Attention to The Details

A coated napkin, a clean glass. It is the details that will immediately come to mind when you look at the picture for a bit longer. In the post-processing, it is almost impossible to get a fold out of a napkin, with an iron it is not even a minute’s work.

Another form of detail that you have to pay attention to is the styling. It is of course ideal if you have a stylist at hand to do this for you. A good chef will also know the details of the beautiful styling of food. In the absence of this, you will have to get started yourself. Try to make the dish look as good as possible before you even grab the camera.

5. Break and Cut

Food can look good in itself, but often it is all slightly tastier when it is already cut. A piece from the cake, broken chocolate, crumbs of bread. It all looks less clinical if it is cut and looks like you can grab a piece.

What usually works less well is taking a bite out of the dish. That makes it messy and fast; would you like to eat something that already has a taste? Not exactly a feeling you want to get with a photo of food.

6. Take The Environment With You

A little contradictory to previous tips, but sometimes it can also work very well to take a bit more of the environment. For example, if you take photos for the brochure of a restaurant, it will often be appreciated if the restaurant itself can be recognized in the pictures.

Not only a picture of that delicious ice cream but also make it clear that the ice cream goes well with the wide view of the sunny terrace. By taking the environment, you can get more atmosphere in your photo.

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How To Be a Good Photographer

How To Be a Good Photographer

It is a hard fact that although many people carry cameras, still the world need the skilled professional photographers. Camera jockeys photograph fashion shows and weddings, creative advertising and capture media for news media. In the age of modern era, where everyone is taking a selfie with best camera for action shots so you need the right and great skills set to prove that you can do a better job.

So, here are some of the tips how to be a good photographer :

Shoot during the Golden Hour

Many of the professional photographers claim that many of their pictures of the object, scenes from rural to urban, are taken shortly after dawn and before the sunset. The lightning is the critical technique of photography. At these times, streams of lights do lovely things to buildings trees, fields, mountains and waterscapes. Try to catch those things with the incredible hues of the sky in the background to get impressive and bright photos even with simple composition.

Take an art class

Whether it is watercolors, oils or drawings, you need to learn shading, contrasts, perspective and put yourself into a still life, city street or a landscape. With the help of such classes, you will come to know the importance of composition, and that will transfer over to your photography. Your innovative technology can be high, but it is the composition that makes certain photos magnetizing.

Use a traditional film camera

When you are just limited to just one film with the set number of shots, you will learn to become a better selective person. You will take lots of time to study your subjects more carefully and will shoot from angles and distances that make a sense to you. Forcing yourself to ‘budget,’ your shoots will increase you discernment sense.

Study the work of other photographers

Don’t just limit yourself to one venue of photography, but instead make it a habit and goal to spend time with a different variety of artists like those who do photography only in white and black. Someone who shoots in rural areas, those who shot single images or canvas images, or those who are war photographers. You can learn many things from those people. Study the famous photo of white and white. Try to understand the image and focus.

Move your positions as you shoot

Don’t just photograph every time at an eye level. Bend to the side, get on the step stool, and sometimes lie on the ground. These are some of the great techniques while capturing images of people.
Moreover, if you have a dog, and that dog is on your couch don’t shoot down at it- get below your pet and try to shoot in an upward position. Or try to shoot Christmas tree from a different angle that will give you a clear picture.

Photograph what you love

Focusing more on what you will make photography more exciting and enjoyable for you. If you are more passionate about pets, people, nature, still life or something else then start learning photography by taking pictures of it. This will help you to keep interested in photography and allow you to overcome learning obstacles easily and quicker.

Make lots of mistakes, then learn from it

The more and more mistakes you make, faster you learn and helps to improve your photography skills. All professional photographers once started with the basic understanding of camera and all. The real value of learning is when your mistakes turn into lessons that will build your skills. So try a technique or style that you have not done before and expect to make mistakes.