Photography & Videography Services

Many people don’t believe in fate, what better explanation can one give other than share their experiences. For more than 10 years I have worked as a photographer my life begun with a present a camera, a 33mm Leica. Since then I have been freezing moments. here are a few of my experiences.


Old Unique

Vintage and quality never grows old in me, the fact that editing options were limited and quality always depended on the skills of a photographer.


Professional Opinion

In most situations taking part in a story just before a shoot always gave me an edge to where and when to swing in.


Feedback and Support

Fell free to drop me an email. give me some tips or even ask a question, I'll be sure to respond in good time. Just click on contact me.

Here what they said about my services

"What I love about Jeffry's photos are because the photos can tell us the story behind right away once we see the photo, it's like the photo is life."
Joshua Graham
“He is able to translate our requests for our wedding ceremony, we both love what he done, all happiness captured perfectly."
Michele Branson